Landscaping Equipment Rentals

Dingo: $225.00/Day
Small Track Skid-steer: $285.00/Day
Large Track Skid-steer: $315.00/Day
Mini Excavator w/thumb: $315.00/Day
Large Excavator w/thumb: $425.00/day
Tractor Backhoe Loader: $225.00/Day
Rubber Tire Skid Steer SSV 65: $275.00/Day
Straw Blower: $200.00/Day
Light Tower: $115.00/Day
Attachments Available: Sweeper, Post hole auger, Forks, Rototiller, Grapple: $100.00/Day

Pressure Washer: $75.00/Day

Equipment rentals come with a $50.00 pickup & delivery fee (10 Miles)


Dumpster Rental Service

10yd – $350.00 – 1.5 Ton Limit
15yd – $395.00 – 2.0 Ton Limit
20yd – $495.00 – 3.0 Ton Limit

Extra Dumping Charges:
-$95.00/Ton over weight limit
-Tires: $20.00/per
-Appliances: $30.00/per

Extra Travel Charges:
-Northern Saratoga County: $50.00/Dumpster
-Columbia County: $100.00/Dumpster
-Dutchess County: $100.00/Dumpster

Light Tower for Rent

Light Tower – $115/Day

Boxer 322D

Dingo – $225/Day

Tractor Backhoe Loader for Rent

Kioti 2510 TLB

Tractor Loader Backhoe – $225/Day

Straw Blower for Rent

Straw Blower – $200/Day

Mini Excavator for Rent

Mini Excavator w/ Thumb – $315/Day

Kobelco SR 70 Excavator with thumb

Kobelco SR 70

Large Excavator w/thumb- $425/day

Small Track Skid-steer for Rent

Kubota SVL 75

Small Track Skid-steer – $285/Day

Large Track Skid-steer for Rent

Kubota SVL 90

Large Track Skid-steer – $315/Day

Rubber Tire Skid Steer SSV 65 for rent

Kubota Rubber Tire Skid Steer SSV 65

Rubber Tire Skid Steer- $275/day